Agiofili Beach

Agiofili Beach next to Vasiliki is a beach with crystal clear water. This makes it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. The water is always relatively cool, so always well suited to refresh oneself.

There are two ways to reach the beach of Agiofili. A path leads from the southern end of Vasiliki along the sea. After about 45 minutes and some intersections you reach the beach via a staircase. This route is not suitable for children or bikers. More comfortable, Niko takes you regularly to the beautiful beach with his boats. He’ll bring you back in the afternoon. As an insider, you take food and drink with you. On site there is a small catering station where you can rent sun loungers and parasols during high season. The Agiofili beach is very popular, despite the sometimes coarse stones on the beach. The beach is still very busy even in September.

Good to know

Price of a parking lot: from 7 €

Price for 1 person: 6 €

Price for 2 sunbeds: 15 €

Unpaved road (Rocky), suitable for hiking, quads and motorbikes

Weekday with the most visitors: Thursday / Saturday


The Lefkada Port Authority has established a ten (10) metre wide and fifty (50) metre long sea corridor on the beach for the Vasiliki-Agiofili boat. This corridor is delimited by suitable clear floating orange buoys where passengers can embark and disembark

Do not swim in this corridor!

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