The cafés

Indulging in the pleasure of coffee is a daily ritual, a custom that holds a special place in the hearts of most individuals, a practice they eagerly embrace day by day. The Greeks, in particular, have a charming way of extending an invitation —'Shall we have a coffee?'— a phrase exchanged between friends, family, or colleagues as the workday winds down. When it comes to the choice between steaming and refreshing coffee, your decision may be swayed by both the weather and your personal inclinations. The iconic Greek coffee, concocted in a small pot called a "briki" and presented piping hot in a sturdy cup, is often accompanied by a glass of cold water. For an exceptional taste experience, one mustn't miss the opportunity to savor Greek coffee that's meticulously prepared on a chovoli (a bed of charcoal ash blanketed with sand to maintain its warmth). And as the day progresses into afternoon or evening, a delectable confection perfectly complements your coffee, creating a harmonious duet of flavors.