Lighthouse and Cap Doukato

The Kap Doukato, Kavos tis Kiras, located on the southwestern point at the end of a long, now asphalted road of Lefkada Island. According to legend, it is said that at the 580 BC., Sappho, the first poet of world history, poet Sappho because of unrequited love for Phaon, have fallen from rocks. At that time the Cape was dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. He was not only as a protector of sailors, but also as a God of moral purity and moderation, and the prophecy and the arts.Unfortunately, today we find no remains of the Apollo temple anymore. In its place, the lighthouse was created.
The now newly renovated lighthouse was built in 1890 on the white limestone. The tower height is 14 meters. The focal point of the fire is 70 meters.