Traditional lefkadian groceries

Classicon is a store with traditional lefkadian and Greek products, being based in Vassiliki of Leukada on the main street. The owner of the Classicon Market is justifiably proud of his products. He tells with abandon and passion where the products come from and how they are made. He makes sure, you take the right souvenirs to make you nostalgic about Lefkada. There are finest quality bio food products. The honey, which has been made by bees, collecting natural herbs of Lefkada. Pasteli, Mantolato (nougat) or Lentils from beautiful mountain village Eglouvi. Spice mixes made with dry herbs. Awarded Olive oil from Kalamata and Crete.

Bottles of the cold served Ouzo as well the local wine can also been found.

Hand-carved Olive wood items, Ecclesiastical images from silver or wood and many more things, complete the offered range.

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