Egremni Beach

This beach is, as of March 2019, due to renovation work still closed. They endeavor to open at least part of the beach until the beginning of the tourist season 2019. After the old staircase 2015 was destroyed, now a new metal staircase is being built.

It is probably possible to reach the beach by boat or your own climbing skills, but is is not recomended, as during the work stones and soil are dropping on the beach. The question is, which insurance will pay if you are hurt?

Shortly after the village Athani leads on the right a steeply sloping and narrow road to the beach. Tarred since autumn 2007 the road ends on a chargeable parking lot. You can find free of charge parking lot on the side of the road before. From here a descent walk over approximately 350 stairs begins.

Egremmni Beach is a long-drawn-out sand beach with crystal-clear water. Because of the tiring journey, Egremmni is never overcrowded.

Restaurant: There is one shortly before the end of the stairs and a kiosk at the beach with beach chairs and umbrellas to rent.

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