With a ferry

For those who wish to incorporate travel into their holiday experience, they can opt for a scenic train journey from Venice, Ancona or Brindisi in Italy to Igoumenitsa(GR). Embarking on this leisurely mode of transportation allows you to immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes right from the start of your vacation. With no travel-related worries, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfortable amenities offered on board, such as dining, lounges with panoramic views, bars, swimming poo and, shops.

BY car from Ioumenitsa

Upon departing Igoumenitsa's harbor, proceed straight ahead, crossing the motorway. Approximately 10km later, take the designated exit towards Parga and Preveza via Karteri. To experience a tranquil coastal route adorned with charming bends and minimal traffic, make a right turn shortly after passing through customs. Continue your route towards Karteri and Mesopotamos. After traveling around 700m from the main road, you will stumble upon Nekromantio Acheronta (Ephyra), the very place where Odysseus discovered the entrance to Hades' underworld, the realm of the deceased. During those ancient times, Odysseus embarked on a voyage across the Acheron River aboard Charon's ferry, perpetually transporting souls to the realm beyond. Do note that, due to the swiftness of a car, you may miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Acheron River as you depart the village.

Following the exploration of Nekromantio Acheronta (Ephyra), the route extends alongside the captivating Monolithi Beach, renowned as the longest sandy beach in Europe, until reaching Preveza, where an underwater tunnel awaits. Continuing on, you'll encounter a newly constructed motorway originating from Aktio airport. Take the designated exit at Amvrakia leading to Lefkada, where you can explore the magnificent Agia Mavra Fortress, an architectural gem crafted during the 14th century in the Venetian era. To traverse the channel constructed by the Corinthians in 650 BC, a fascinating floating bridge lies ahead.

A warm welcome to Lefkada awaits you! It's a great idea to take a break and park your car on the left side next to the wooden bridge, allowing yourself to indulge in a refreshing welcome Frappé or whatever your heart desires.

Continuing the journey, pass through Kariotes, Lygia, Nikiana, and make your way around Nidri, Vlicho, and over the mountain towards Marantochori and Kontarena, until finally reaching Vasiliki. Voila!