With a ferry

Whoever has the maxim "The path is the destination", slow travel, will choose one of the daily ferries leaving from Venice, Trieste or Ancona in Italy. Without the usual travel stress you reach Igoumenitsa (GR) in a comfortable, luxurious atmosphere with a sailing hotel. There is no reason at all to rush.

While on the road from Igoumenitsa to Vasiliki (145 Kilometer, 2.5 hours), you are presented with views of mountains and the sea. It takes you near the twisted coastline to the new port at Preveza. This is the point where the Amvrakikos Gulf meets the Ionian Sea. This is also the point where you'll use the new immersed tunnel, connecting Preveza town with Aktio. Heading direction Levkas, you will reach the island Lefkada effortless over a floating bridge. Onward Lefkas, Nidri to Vasiliki. Voilà!

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