Hiking on the island of Lefkada

The mountainous region of Lefkada with its beautiful rock formations is full of impressive and fascinating ravines, springs from which clear water gush, with a rich flora and fauna. The dense, lush vegetation invites you to hike in nature. All routes entice with a varied route and seductive routes.

The Melissa Gorge (φαράγγι Μέλισσας)

In the gorge of Melissa and in the wider area, just outside and north of the village of Kavalos you will find a network of hiking trails. Here you will discover ruins of small settlements, ruins of water mills and many stone bridges. Also the well-known grassy watermill of “Kospetos” stands here, on the big plateau.

A large wooden arch marks your entrance to the Melissa Gorge shortly after the first stone bridge.
At the fork with the 2 signposts the “quo vadis.” Towards Apetasti, after a few meters to the left, you will find the ruins of an old water mill. This route leads through the space of plants and animals captivating by their beauty and tranquillity.

The route to “Kalo Lagadi” is certainly more interesting. It will take you past 6 old watermills. In the past, they produced the fine flour “Paspali”.

GPS of the Bee Gorge

GPS Daten (in DD)

Parking:  38.793183,20.676

Cave and water source: 38.79625,20.674267

Fork in the road: 38.8023272,20.6723271

Herb Walk

Herbal hikes on Lefkada

A herbal hike is the ideal starting point to get to know the flora of the island of Lefkada. Walk through forests and meadows and learn fascinating things about biology and mythology. You will discover the variety of healing and edible herbs and flowers.

Aris Kokotsis (Aromatic Phyta) offers such herbal walks. The discovery of the natural island of flora and fauna takes about 3 hours.

Visit him on Aromatika Phyta Lefkas

Or send him a mail:

Booklet with hiking routes

A free hiking trails booklet to download with many beautiful can be found here!
All routes are described in detail, with the corresponding GPS data in Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM).

Other languages such as German, Dutch and Greek are available on the website of the Prefecture of Lefkada.

More walking routes

These can be found on the Fagotto Books website Lefkadaslowguide.gr

They also offer a free downloadable Visitor's Map of Lefkada and sell some interesting books about Lefkada.

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