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by Urs Raber

Sivros lefkada pathway of springs - The race to join

Run or hike

On Sunday 3 April 2022, the Association of Tourism Professionals of Vasiliki Lefkada in collaboration with the Syvros Cultural Association will hold the 1st SIVROS LEFKADA PATH OF SPRINGS. This is an interesting mountain running race on the path of the springs at a distance of 10,000 metres.


The race of 10,000 meters has a starting point and an end in the village square in Syvros

You will go through the following sources: Kalyva, Archontiko, Klimatsa, Gazaina, Kerasias, Vrysoula (at 30 meters), Kanali (at 50 meters), Antelikos and Dafnis.

Positive altitude 475 meters.

Come run and walk a wonderful route and enjoy a landscape of unique natural beauty.

The hikers will be accompanied on the route by a local guide and will be guided by references to the traditions, history, flora and fauna of the area. The route at the 6th kilometre passes from the starting point, so whoever does not want to continue can stop.

Start Times

10:00 - 10,000 meters of mountain running race

10:15 - 6,000 meters hiking

Time Limit

There is no time limit

Entry Form

Registration is possible until April 1st and will be done in two ways.

You can do that through the company Racefinder by filling in the participation form in the following link: https://racefinder.gr/search-races-el/syvros-lefkada-pathway-of-springs-2/

The Account username field and Create account password concerns the Race Finder company and by completing it an account is created on its page. For any question you can contact the company at 2169006272.

Send via email s.tourismosvassiliki@gmail.com the name, address, year of birth, mobile phone and club.

After you have completed your registration, you will receive a reply so that you can pay for your participation in the race.

Participation costs

The cost of participation is 5 Euros. The money will be used for the maintenance and cleaning of the footpaths in the wider area.

Receive the start number

The race number will be issued on Sunday 03. 04. 2022 from 08:30 to 10:00 at two outdoor service stations in the central village square, spaced sufficiently apart to avoid overcrowding.

Refreshment Stations - Litter

There are several aid stations with bottled water on the course as well as at the finish.
All runners participating in the race and the organiser's staff are obliged to keep the natural environment clean.
The organiser will set up rubbish collection points along the entire route and especially at the refreshment stations.


In the 10,000 metre race, manual timing will be done by the judges at the start and finish. 


The first three men and the first three women in the overall ranking will receive trophies.

Modification of the circuits and rules

The organiser has the right to change the race course and rules if it deems it necessary, always for the safety and better service of the runners.

Press - Photos

The organiser is responsible for providing information to the media (in relation to the organisation) with interviews, press releases and provision of photographic material. The names and photographs of the runners may be freely used by the organisers towards the media as they see fit.


You can contact the race organising committee on 6994081604. Orfeas Leontidis is President of the Association for Professional Tourism Vasiliki Lefkada.

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