Egremni 2019 - whats next

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by Urs Raber

Egremni in 2015. Foto:©

After the magnitude 6.1 earthquake in 2015 and the collapse of the cliffs above the Egremni beach, this beach is still closed due to renovations. According to the mayor of Lefkada, Drakontiadis Konstantinos, they are working hard to open at least a part of the beach until the tourist season starts in 2019. Until then, a new metal staircase will be built to provide safe beach access.

"We will divide the beach into two areas, one safe and one locked, so that the beach can be visited again, until the summer we will make out the boundaries of the beache. We will not do major technical works, we will do smart projects" explains the chairman of the Earthquake Planning and Protection Agency, Efthimios Lekkas.


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