Ferry to Kefalonia departs again from Vasiliki

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Ferry F/B Captain Aristidisfrom from Vasiliki to here in Fiscardo, Kefalonia
Fiscardo, the ferry is now leaving from Vasiliki. credits: West Ferry

The construction of the tourist anchorage in Vasiliki was approved on 23.11.2012. At the start of the construction work (2014), the Vasiliki - Fiskardo ferry connection, which takes approx. 1 h, was temporarily discontinued and transferred to Nydri. However, the Nydri - Fiskardo line takes twice as long.

In 2020, it looked as if the 100 boat moorings and 4 service buildings could be put into operation together with the ferry anchorage. Due to safety concerns, it was decided to moor the ferry outside this facility. This mooring was completed at the end of 2021. Unfortunately, between 28/11 and 30/11/2021, south-south-westerly winds of up to 10 bfr and sea waves of more than 3m, caused damage throughout the mooring area which required repairs to make the mooring operational again.

However, things are now ready for the ferry F/B Captain Aristidis to resume operations from Vasiliki on Tuesday 26 July 2022, as announced by the owner WEST FERRY on its website. You can buy your ticket here directly online their until the end of August.

July 26th To Sep. 12th

Vasiliki – Fiscardo :
Daily 10:00, 13:30 & 16:30
Fiskardo – Vasiliki :
Daily : 11:30, 15:00 & 18:00

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