«Fire Brigade road» at Ponti is now paved

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by Urs Raber

A project with enormous development value for the South Lefkada area has been mainly completed.

The project was implemented in two phases. The first was the widening of the road, which required improvement. In November 2014, the Lefkada City Council approved the first road widening project prepared by the Municipal Technical Service and in February 2015 it approved the planning agreement with the decentralised administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Islands 186.362 €.

In October 2016, the original study for the improvement of the road with a length of 4,977 m and a width of 5 m was updated. In December 2017, EUR 600,000 was funded from the public investment programme. After the process required permits and approvals, the project was tendered in August 2018 and 25 as of June 2019 was signed, the execution contract with the contractor.

As Lefkadatoday has seen today (16.01.2020), after a recent visit of thier delegation, the road connecting the Ponti Vasiliki area with Nira was broadened, asphalted and (according to the study) has the right capacity of flood control and drainage infrastructure. After all, it is a passable road which, once marked and the placement of protectors, will contribute greatly to the development of the wider area of South Lefkada.

Source: courtesy of lefkadatoday.gr

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