Flash flooding in Vasiliki

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by Urs Raber

The fire brigade trying to pump off the large quantities of water

During heavy rains in Vasiliki, the village was flooded with huge amounts of water. The fire brigade tried unsuccessfully to pump off the large quantities of water. It is inconceivable, but the ground floors of the health center, the Vassiliki Bay Hotel, Ocean's restaurant, even the police station were flooded. The guests of Vassiliki Bay Hotel were temporarily accommodated in other hotels. To accelerate the drainage of the water, a hole was even punched in the wall of the schoolyard square. Residents talk of mismanagement because the mouth of the creek was narrowed during the construction of the new port and therefore has not enough capacity to lead the water into the sea with this amount of rain. The municipality of Lefkada, on the other hand, points out that the various implemented flood protection projects made a major contribution to avoiding even greater problems. The amount of water was just too big.

The whole thing is very tragic for the Vasilikians, since they just finished their preparations for the new season only last week and now thier belongings partly flushed through the flooding into the sea.

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