Further delay in opening new anchorage

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by Urs Raber

Service building of the new port in Vasiliki. Even a tugboat was in position.
Service building of the new port in Vasiliki (09.2020). Even a tugboat was in position.

According to media reports, there are new delays at the new anchorage in Vasiliki. The project "Mooring of tourist boats in Vasiliki Lefkada" started in 2013 with great expectations. It was considered an important project for tourism and the further development of the area. The project included 100 berths, 4 service buildings, the environmental works with a budget of € 17. 000. 000. The construction schedule was 36 months.

The last extension(11th) so far, promised an opening on 1 July 2020. Only power current and the Public Utility Networks (PPC, OTE) would still need to be connected. Unfortunately not. As Meganisi News informs us, the 12th extension was given.

With a new amendment to the law signed by the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa
The material subject of the decision includes, in particular, all the works necessary to carry out the unfinished works as originally planned. Per working group the percentage included in the phase is as follows:

A. Port works
1. Port Earthworks 47.47%
2. Stones - Natural boulders 68.46%
3. Concrete 99.45%
4. Accessories - Equipment 100.00%
5. Floating piers 100.00%
6. Asphalt Pavement 100.00%

1. Earthworks - Demolitions 68.85%
2. Concrete 36.85%
3. Masonry - Coatings 100.00%
4. Networks (Hydraulic - Electrical) 99.58%
5. Investments - Coatings 100.00%
6. Wooden - Metal Constructions 100.00%
7. Other - Finishes 92.85%

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