Innovative eFoil Redefining Watersports

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by Urs Raber

The new high-tech surfboard is ideal for beginners.
The new high-tech surfboard is ideal for beginners. Foto credit:

Go surfing whenever you want. With the Waydoo efoil surfboards, surfers can literally float above the water, even when it's becalmed. An electric drive accelerates the board up to 45 kilometres per hour. Under the board is the one-metre-long foil pole. At the end of the mast are wings and electric propeller attached that lift the electric surfboard out of the water at a speed of about 17 kilometres per hour. The forward speed can be adjusted at will by the Bluetooth wireless controller in your hand.

You can learn e-surfing within an hour. In the case you are not quite as sporty and do not have a pretty good balance, it can turn into 2 hours. Flying on a eFoil should definitely be on the bucket list.

As good as that sounds, buying an e-borad is also expensive. You have to spend between 7,500 and 15,00 Euro to own one. Fortunately, E-Vass at Four Winds (Vasiliki Bay) has made the investment and rents out the board. The rent prices are listed here. Rent them for hours, a day or take them with you on your boat. Just ask the experts. Not only your childs will love you.

Foto credit: E-Vass Vasiliki

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