LASERJAM at the former Radar Station

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by Urs Raber

L A S E R J A M   L E V K A S   2023 – JUNE 03 + 04 – at the abandoned NATO radio base of Lefkada


In a live audio-visual concert-like performance they play with a signal-reactive real-time installation. With the signals of the instruments they modulate the plein air laser projection on the radio antenna dish. Thereby exploring a direct, non-symbolic and synesthetic relationship between sound, colors, form and moving images. Through the intentional use of media technologies, which are obsolete to the general public, they create a critical musical and oscillographic dialogue with the historical legacy of seeing and hearing by technical means.

Abandon Nato Radar Station on Lefkada Greece

Nato Station ©Urs Raber

The abandoned MEDCOM NATO radio base on Lefkada Island has unique features. With its radio dishes spanning 25 metres it strikes the eye at first sight how perfectly suited it is for laser projections – like a huge screen these linger almost vertically in the landscape. They serve us here as a projection surface for the modulated laser pulses. Concave and large, abandoned and mysterious, they combine the history of signalling with a unique setting of a natural amphitheatre. The hills around the base shield light and at around 900m above sea level no noise from the surroundings can penetrate this mystical place. Utter silence. It is indeed a perfect venue for a music and light show. Not to forget: During the performances the full moon will rise behind the radio dishes and provide us with enough light for a breathtaking atmosphere.


The musical instrumentation originates from a dynamic combination of classical fragments, blues schematics, jazz-rock, intelligent dance music, electronica and noise. The laser light figures oscillating to the sounds invite you to enter an audio-visual immersive state, to experience a combination of spontaneous music with light art in the unique live dimension of LASERJAM.


June 3rd and June 4th 2023

At the abandoned radio station LEVKAS 14B of the former 486L MEDCOM system.

Price: 10.00 €

"Former Radar Station of Lefkada" (Google Maps) or "Ammokampos" (OpenStreetMaps) 38.73605° N, 20.64051° E

June 3rd 2023

  • 8:00 pm – admission
  • 8:30 pm – start of 1st show
  • The full moon will rise within the 1st show 1
  • 0:30 pm – start of 2nd show

June 4th 2023

  • 9:00 pm – admission
  • 9:30 pm – start of 1st show The full moon will rise within the 1st show
  • 11:30 pm – start of 2nd show

Admission only with a ticket between 8 pm ad 12 pm. Box office open on site. Minors only in the company of a parent or guardian.

Find all information always up-to-date on the event's website:

The event will take place in the outdoor area without seating/seats/chairs. Bring your own chair!

Direct link to the online ticket shop:

Tickets available only while stocks last.
The box office will not be open (or close) after all tickets are sold.  


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