Stay Low-Waste, Eco Friendly during your holidays

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More and more travellers want to travel in an environmentally friendly way, but Holidays should of course be fun. You don't have to go crazy. But a more conscious use of local resources can already make a difference. Here, we have some easy tips to get you started on waste reduction, towards zero waste.

Avoid all disposable shopping bags. Bring a few cotton produce bags to pick up food and bulk snacks at the grocery store, patisserie at a cafe or a bakery. These bags are more durable, anyway and won’t break like a plastic bag will while you’re out and about.

Minimize water consumption in your apartment or hotel room. In addition be sparing with towel use and the change of your bed linen.

Bring your own body gel, shampoo, conditioner etc. in travel size refillable containers, or try things like soap- and shampoo bars to skip traveling with a liquid all together.

Close the Window shutters and open a window to cool or ventilate your home. You prevent overheating from unobstructed insolation, thereby reducing the requirement for cooling.

You want to make a day trip to the beach, the mountains on your hike or bike ride? The perfect alternative to transport your food not in plastic packaging are Bees Wraps. Bees Wrap is essentially a reusable shell. It can be used like an aluminium foil to pack everything from half an avocado, delicious sandwiches to a loaf of bread. Another advantage is that they have practically no weight. By the way, Stay on the trail when hiking and biking (leave no trace). Respect of the environment is extremely important.

Of course you leave your places unlettered and take back everything you bring in.

Sun protection belongs in the luggage for the summer holidays, but what protects the body is harmful to the environment. By bathing in the sea, almost 14,000 tons of sun cream reach the oceans every year. Therefor use a chemical-free sunscreen. You can buy for example the Greek Aphrodite BIO sunscreen and wear clothes and hats to protect your skin from the sun.

Eat local dishes with local ingredients. It is best to eat the food directly in the local restaurant, kafenio or café directly. There are mostly dishes, which are simply rinsed off after the meal. Also bring your own doggy bag to pack the the leftover of the copious meal (Food Waste).

For takeaway food, try to aim for establishments that use eco-friendly, recyclable, or better yet, compostable food containers, utensils, napkins, or straws. Or better, you bring your own reusable container to be sure.

You can find shops and boutiques in the village to buy these things.

Enjoy, be amazed by the country and keep the wonderful memories!

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