Restaurants, cafés and bars are reopened today.

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by Urs Raber

Restaurant in Vasiliki are reopened.
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Restaurants, such as Zorbas in Vasiliki or The Old Plane Tree in Kontarena, open their doors again today, while others are still waiting. However, the food is no longer as enjoyable as before the lockdown. This, as new, strict rules also came into force today. Allowed is one person per two square meter. A minimum distance between tables, according to each establishment’s setup, ranges from from 0.70 cm to 1.70 cm. The maximum number of customers per table is six people. There is no limit for families with underage children.
Employees in restaurants, cafes and bars must wear face masks at all times (depending on the position they serve). Customers are also advised to wear face coverings.

Rules for beaches

Beach bars and canteens selling refreshments, coffee, etc, must only offer take away services. Only packaged products can be sold to bathers as On site food preparation is prohibited. Also forbidden is to sell alcoholic beverages and to have tables and chairs on site.

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