Say good by to the Tunnel Rock Bar

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by Urs Raber

Makis removing his signboard. Foto:© Stavros Seta Soldatos

One of the most popular bar in Vasiliki had to close after 34 years of operation. With the Tunnel Bar we connect countless wonderful moments. We experienced the company of a thoroughly pleasant audience and made the aquaintance with interesting new people. A place of the distinguished lifestyle and elegance.

Makis Politis, the legendary bar owner, bartender and artist, created with his friendly and optimistic way an exclusive ambience, surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere and good music.

Many thanks to Makis and his staff.

Good by for now, we will miss you!

Post scriptum:
At the moment it is not known if the bar can soon be reopened at another location, since free places are not easy to find in Vasiliki. We'll keep you updated.

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