The races of the "Vasiliki Lefkada Mountain Race" went smoothly.

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by Urs Raber

Vasiliki run  swimming athlets at Agiofili Beach
Vasiliki Run: swimming athlets at Agiofili Beach

The run

President of the Organizing Committee Orpheas Leontidis
President of the Organizing Committee Orpheas Leontidis

The Vasiliki Lefkada Tourism Professionals Association held the &quotVasiliki Mountain Race&quot for the first time on Sunday 10 October 2021, which included two races. 640 metre swim followed by a 6,500 metre run and a 15,000 metre run. A happy President of the Organizing Committee and also the president of the federation, Orpheas Leontidis, said, "The general confession was successful and the athletes were very happy with the two courses."

The first race was a spectacular biathlon. 15 athletes tackled this course, which consisted of a 640-metre swim in calm waters from Agiofili beach to Valta beach, followed by a run in beautiful natural surroundings to Ponti and back to the old harbour, at the "Hero of the Fallen" .

Athletes and spectators were taken to Agiofili on the sponsored excursion boat Nidri Star 1.

In the second race of the day, about 30 athletes took on the 15,000 metre mountain run. The start and finish was also in the port of Vasiliki. Regarding the number of participants, Leontidis said, "We would have doubled the participation, but unfortunately many were afraid of the weather and did not come."
Although it rained in the city early in the morning, the weather in Vassiliki was a godsend, so the first race was almost sunny, but the second to the final we saw was good and mostly warm.

15 km run

What's next?

Leontidis commented: "Next year in June we are preparing for two days of five games. The additional race will be a mountain bike race over 20 km on the mountain where the 15,000 metres ran, a mountain running race with the porto goat and finishing the saint over 15,000 metres and a race for all 3,200 measures starting from the port of Vasiliki to the Ponti and finishing at the port."

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