Traditional island melodies in Vasiliki on Wednesday, 16.8.

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Traditional Island Songs by Mattheos Giannoulis & Ioanna Legakis: Elevate Your St. Gerasimos Celebration in Vasiliki 18. August 2023

Celebrate St. Gerasimos in Vasiliki: Join Mattheos Giannoulis & Ioanna Legakis for a Harmonious Journey of Traditional Island Tunes on Wednesday 16 August! Arranged by the Association for Tourism and Cultural Development, the festival sets sail at Vasiliki Lefkada's port, starting at 22:30 h.

Entry fee: 6 euros.

+30 69940 81604

Musician's profile

Matthaios Giannoulis

Originating from the enchanting village of Naxos, Apeiranthos, Matthaios Giannoulis was immersed in his earliest musical encounters, resonating with the island's harmonies, thanks in large part to his uncle George Giannoulis, a creator of traditional island ballads. His vocal talents flourished during the vibrant celebrations of Naxos.

This initial immersion guided him to Athens, where he pursued formal musical education. At the National Conservatory of Athens, he refined his vocal techniques and orthophony, complementing these skills with proficiency in playing the lute, guitar, bouzouki, and harmonium.

With an unrelenting enthusiasm for music, Matthaios Giannoulis independently introduced his inaugural compositions to the Athenian audience. Armed with just a tape recorder, he unveiled his own lyrical and melodic creations, achieving notable success. Following this milestone, the SPOT MUSIC record company recognized his potential, marking the commencement of his professional voyage within the Greek recording industry, specializing in the captivating realm of island melodies.

Ioanna Legaki

Ioanna Legaki hails from Athens but carries the rich heritage of Crete and Naxos. Her musical journey blossomed as she embraced traditional island and folk songs professionally, drawing inspiration from her familial surroundings. A decade and a half ago, she ventured into the realm of island music, a departure from her family's musical roots.

Among her accomplishments are two albums, "Aegean Breeze" and "Unwind the Melodies," crafted by the maestros of island hits, Yannis Andris and Thanasis Peristerakis. Her most recent masterpiece, "Echoes of the Isles," composed by the esteemed artists Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Ilias Filippou, stands as a testament to her evolving artistry.

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