Vasiliki coast significantly damaged by waves.

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The violent weather phenomena hit Vasiliki again. This time, however, not because of the heavy rain, but because of the wind force of 10-11 on the Beaufort scale and the phenomenon of strong sea waves.

According to local information, damage was caused by the strong waves in the anchorage, whose entrance allowed the waves to pass and flooded the beach stores. The three beaches in the area of Kolyvata and the quay of the road were also damaged.
In the harbor, opposite the school complex, two amateur boats were sunk by the force of the sea, while two others were damaged by hitting the pier.
The high school lyceum of Vassiliki today remained closed because the courtyard of the school complex was flooded by the seawater, with the water level reaching about 20 cm and drainage became problematic due to the debris "washed away" by the wave.
In the area of Ponti to Vasiliki, on the beach where windsurfing takes place, a large number of private kiosks and hoteliers' facilities have been destroyed.

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