Work on the new pier in the Port of Vasiliki continues.

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by Urs Raber

New pier in Vasiliki for boarding and disembarking of vehicles on E / G-O / G boats.
New pier in Vasiliki for boarding and disembarking. © Urs Raber

The Construction Contract of the Project "Maintenance of Port Installation, Rehabilitation of Operational Depths, Operational Upgrading the Pier in the Port of Vasiliki Lefkada" was signed between the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Ms Rodis Kratsa - Tsagaropoulou, and the representative of the contractor company "KEPA SA".

As part of the project, the existing pier will be extended with the construction of a new section of 5 m (foundation works, natural & artificial boulders, concreting, etc.).

A ramp will be set up throughout the pier to facilitate the boarding and disembarking of vehicles on E / G-O / G boats.

In addition, bollards will be placed to moor maintenance boats as well as lighting masts. Finally, in order to facilitate the arrival and departure manoeuvres of the boats, a ground excavation is carried out to dredge the port.

This project has a budget of 460,000 Euros and is financed by the Ionian Islands Region through the Public Investment Programme (SAEP 0).

In a press release on 18. Januar 2021 issued by the PIN Regional Directorate of Lefkada, the Deputy Regional Governor of Lefkada, Mr. Andreas Ktenas, says: «This is an important project, not only for Vasiliki, but also for the entire region of Lefkada. The modernization of the pier will further strengthen the port of Vasiliki and restore the maritime connection between Lefkada and Kefalonia after years».

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