Porto Katsiki

One of the most beautiful beaches is located deep below the white chalky shore of Porto Katsiki. A staircase leads steeply over 100 steps to the pebbled beach. Pushchairs are thus completely unsuitable.

Shattered by a rock fall, the wonderful situation is that you have to wade through the water to get to the larger part of the beach.

The chalk wall beams the heat uncomfortably on to the guests, while you are glad about you brought the drinking water with you. There are some tervernas at the top of the stairs, but you do not want to climb there.

Spread your blanket out for a day of unforgettable beauty and enjoy the gorgeous turquoise waters. Bring your own food or have some fast Food at a local tavern when it comes to dinner, because you have to see and enjoy the magical sunset and the sight of the cliffs turning orange.

The beach is completely overcrowded during the summer months. Not only is it difficult to find a park or beach spot, but the trip home to the beach is also a matter of patience. It often happens that you needed 2-3 hours for the return journey by car to Vasiliki or Lefkada.

It gets very noisy, because a ship winds daily its way through the bathers like a mobile disco and its sounds gets the whole beach blasted with loud music during the whole stay.

Access by boat

Boat trips to Porto Katsiki depart from the port of Vasiliki in the morning hours. There are also some that depart from the port in Nidri. The Agiofili taxi boat and the Ionian Princess of Lefkascruises depart from Vasiliki. The pleasant ride there takes 50 minutes. One also stops at Egremni Beach.

Agiofili Taxi Boat


Whenever the weather is fine: 10:00 - 16:00

Buy your ticket at the port.

Infos: +30 69 7807 1849



Daily 1 June - 30 September 2024 : 10:30h - 19:00h

Book at the NIDRI STAR office in Vasiliki or
online: Reservation

Ionian Princess


Daily June 1st - October 15th 2024: 10:00 - 16:00

Express Cruise. On this express boat tour, unforgettable moments await you at two of Lefkada's most popular beaches. You will spend 1 hour at Porto Katsiki Beach before continuing to Egremni Beach, where you will have 3 hours to relax and swim..

Book online here :
Lefkascruises Taxi Boat

Good to know

Price of a parking lot: from 5 to 10 €

Weekday with the most visitors: Thursday

Waste disposal: There are 13 mixed waste and recycling bins

Only 1 portable toilet, also known as a port-a-potty

Blue Flag eco-labelClean water


Very crowded during High Season.
Very noisy during High Season.
Limited parking spaces
Bring your own


Do not enter the zone of dangerous areas. These areas are there to prevent you from approaching the landslide-dangerous points of the beach.