Porto Katsiki

One of the most beautiful beaches is located deep below the white chalky shore of Porto Katsiki. A staircase leads steeply over 80 steps to the sandy beach. Pushchairs are thus completely unsuitable.

Shattered by a rock fall, the wonderful situation is that you have to wade through the water to get to the larger part of the beach.

The chalk wall beams the heat uncomfortably on to the guests, while you are glad about you brought the drinking water with you. There are some restaurants at the top of the stairs, but you do not want to climb there.

In the summer months unfortunately it must be said, the beach is completely crowded. It is very hard to find a parking lot or even a space on the beach. Therefore, it may happen In the evening, that you need 2-3 hours for the return journey by car to Vasiliki. But you can relax and enjoy the magical sunset.

Good to know

Price of a parking lot: from 3 to 5 €

Weekday with the most visitors: Thursday

Waste disposal: There are 13 mixed waste and recycling bins

Blue Flag eco-label Blue Flag eco-label: 2012 - 2020

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