Buy Real Estate in Vasiliki - Lefkada Greece

Vasiliki and its surroundings is becoming a very desirable place to buy a property or a plot of land. Not only because the locals are extremely friendly.

Vasiliki is a small village on the island of Lefkada in Greece. Lefkada is known as the greenest Greek Island. It is also a very lively and thriving island. It is known as a paradise for many activities such as hiking, e-mountain biking, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking. And so on.

Another advantage, not to be underestimated, is that the island of Lefkada can be reached from the mainland via a revolving bridge.

Landscape of Lefkas

Lefkas is a mountainous mainly island in Ionian sea with 294,4 km2 size and 116,7 km coastal length. The highest peak is situated at Stavrota (Elati) mountain  with an altitude of 1.141m. The mountainous region of Lefkas is characterised by rugged slopes criss-crossed by deep gorges. The villages in this area still hum a traditional tune and are virtually untouched by tourism.
The western side of Lefkada island is famous for its rough landscape and the exotic beaches with its turquoise crystal clear waters. The beaches on the east side of Lefkada are also very beautiful. Here you will also find small bays that invite you to linger.
Vasiliki in the south of the island captivates with its colourful sea and the green mountains that surround it. The reflections in the clear blue water create a palette of colours that change throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun and the weather.

Buy directly from the owner!

If you are looking for residential apartments or land to buy, then this could be the right place for you. We offer you a collection of Villas and Land Properties for sale, directly from the owner. Buying from the owner has many advantages. You not only save the agent fee for the buyer but he also can help you in the building or the business needs.

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