Windsurfing Vasiliki

Great for Beginners and Advanced Windsurfers

Nestled among green hills, sit along a protected bay the beach of Vasiliki with its picturesque crystal clear waters. This Stunning scenery with reliable winds, is equally ideal for families, couples and groups of friends.

Nestled between green hills along a sheltered bay, lies the beach of Vasiliki with its crystal clear waters.

The typical surf day in Vassiliki begins in the morning with a light onshore wind, ideal for beginners and the young in order to consolidate its sailing and windsurfing techniques. Shortly after lunch the wind changes cross-shore and achieved so anything between 5-7Bft. The wind blows mostly until the sun sinks behind the mountain.

If you haven't been prebooking a surf package, then it's best you'll have a little walk along the beach. There a plenty of Surf stations which are glad to rent a top board to you on a daily or weekly basis. All of them do have the newest equipment you can trust as they all do an end of season selling. Telling you in confidence: No one wants to transport all this year's material home. That only costs.

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