Zeus Bar

This bar turned out to be top class. You won't mind as that there are not enough places for jackets, bags, legs and wide shoulders. The main thing is to get a place. The sound at a pleasant volume goes from Rock'n'Roll to Trance. Everybody will fly higher and higher up to Olympus, while sipping a cocktail. When you manage it to walk to the first floor, you'll become aware of a heavenly view, like in paradise. There is a satellite TV in one corner. But you'd discover in the other the exquisite sight over the sea and the main road.
You never know, perhaps you might even find a flirt partner there.


Drinks and Sounds

The multifaceted menu is almost unnecessary. Each drink is made with meticulous care by the friendly bar staff. they mix a good drink from almost anything, even some non-alcoholic variations.


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