Vasiliki reflects the zest for life. Enjoy the advantage this spoilt sunny spot in the Mediterranean has. You will amaze yourself with the choice of fresh and natural food in the taverns/restaurants. Discover what pure nature is about, with its beaches and incredible landscapes. Relax and unwind in the family operated apartments which are scattered around this magnificent location. Vasiliki, in the wandering place of the mythical Odysseus, is one of Greece’s top ranking destinations for water sports. Enjoy the place also for a more responsible travel.

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The accommodations are under the control of the Greek Tourist Board (G.N.T.O). Most have been renovated and modernized and now offer high-quality modern facilities.


The Greeks are known for their warm hospitality. So also in Vasiliki. Visit a cosy restaurant or one of the numerous relaxing cafes and bars.


Whether you want to be active, passive, or both in your holiday, in Vasiliki and allover on Lefkas, you can find a lot of possibilities.

7 beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag eco label in 2019. Ponit beach in Vasiliki Bay belongs as well to these awarded beaches.
Photo: Kyriaki Christodoulou - Cyprus News Agency(CNA)

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The blue flag is an international eco label related to the field of sustainable tourism, which is awarded every year. Ponit beach in Vasiliki Bay belongs as well to the awarded beaches.

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By the end of 2018, the Tunnel Bar seemed to shut its doors forever. But the historic Bar has come back. After moving to the new location nearby and a substantial renovation, Makis has now reopened the Tunnel Bar today.

Save the environment. zeor waste. Eco friendly holiday
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Travel and sustainability do not have to be in conflict. With the right low waste tricks, you can effectively avoid garbage as you travel, making your travel adventure more Eco Friendly.

We have compiled a few tips for you.

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After the magnitude 6.1 earthquake in 2015 and the collapse of the cliffs over the beach of Egremni, part of this beach will be reopened in 2019, by the beginning of the tourist season.