Vasiliki Greece. For relaxed holidays. Surfing, hiking, cycling, good food is part of it.
Vasiliki is fabulous for summer holidays. For its Holiday homes, Restaurant, bars, for sports, biking and hiking.
Vasiliki whit its clear blue water.

Covid-19 situation on Lefkada

The island of Lefkada and therefore also Vasiliki is not a risk area. The Greek traffic light map shows a positive rate of 0.22% for Lefkada. Lefkada has one of the largest vaccination coverage in Greece, with 68,9%. So you can enjoy your holidays in Vasiliki and the island without any worries. Find here the latest Greek rules, updated on 28.06.2021


Vasiliki reflects the zest for life. Enjoy the advantage this spoilt sunny spot in the Mediterranean has. You will amaze yourself with the choice of fresh and natural food in the taverns/restaurants. Discover what pure nature is about, with its beaches and incredible landscapes. Relax and unwind in the family operated apartments which are scattered around this magnificent location. Vasiliki, in the wandering place of the mythical Odysseus, is one of Greece’s top ranking destinations for relaxing and water sports. Enjoy the place also for a more responsible travel. In order to recharge your batteries in Vasiliki, you do not need to use a ferry to reach the island of Lefkada.

Traveler Favorites 2021

 Try these popular ideas in and around Vasiliki.


Apartments for a seasonal worker or an independently of place working professional.


Perfect for a seasonal worker or an independently of place working professional.

Vasiliki offers a variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. They are ideal for relaxing, swimming and walking during your stay. Decide for yourself what you want to do and where you want to go. Just ask a host for an offer in a simple and uncomplicated way.


Best Wood Fired Pizza. Fresh out of the oven. La migliore pizza cotta nel legno. Appena sfornato.  Vasiliki Lefkada.


The family Restaurant. Culinary delicacies conjured from the wood stove onto your plate.

The Greeks are known for their warm hospitality. So in Vasiliki. Visit a cosy restaurant or one of the many relaxing cafés and bars. Be more conscious by buying and eating on site.

Things to do

Try also water sports like water ski, wake board, rings, banana within a safe environment.

Fun and Water Park

Try also water sports like water ski, wake board, rings, banana within a safe environment.

Whether you want to be active, passive or both on your holiday, in Vasiliki and everywhere on Lefkas you will find many possibilities.

Latest News

E-mountain bike tours also for families Vasiliki Lefkada Greece
E-mountain bike tours also for families

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Vasiliki and Lefkada, mountains and sea, swimming, surfing and recently, fun with the e-mountain bike. The nature trails are maintained by E-Vass, the experienced hands in Vasiliki.

E-Vass, the pioneer with heart and soul, has searched and found routes from the beginner, across whole families to the experienced mountain biker.

Also E-Scooter for the most fun to cruise ...

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Updated 16. July 2021

Travellers entering Greece must have a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) completed up to one day before travel and be able to provide one of the following:

=> a vaccination certificate showing that 14 days have elapsed since full vaccination against Covid-19
=> a negative PCR test performed less than three days (72 hours) ago
=> a certificate stating that one has recovered from the coronavirus

Vasiliki 2021. Restaurants set to open on may 3.
Vasiliki is hoping for customers (c) Urs Raber

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After the government in Athens had decided to lockdown in early November, the gastronomy is allowed to reopen with protective measures in place, on Easter Monday. Only outside, a maximum of 6 people per table and large spaces between them. There will be an 11pm-5am curfew in place.

Shipwreck-of the gunboat Pellegrin Matteucci (c) Grafas Diving
Shipwreck-of the gunboat Pellegrin Matteucci (c) Grafas Diving

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The shipwreck now released for diving, is PELLEGRIN MATTEUCCI which crashed into a mine on 21 May 1941 and sank near of Cape Doukato. The wreck was spotted in April 2017 by Antonis Grafas and his Grafas Diving Team with the support of the Nautilus Diving Club in Vasiliki.