Vasiliki reflects the zest for life. Enjoy the advantage this spoilt sunny spot in the Mediterranean has. You will amaze yourself with the choice of fresh and natural food in the taverns/restaurants. Discover what pure nature is about with its beaches and incredible landscapes. Relax and unwind in the family operated apartments which are scattered around this magnificent location.

The language in Vasiliki is Greek or English.



The accommodations are under the control of the Greek Tourist Board (G.N.T.O). Most have been renovated and modernized and now offer high-quality modern facilities.


The Greeks are known for their warm hospitality. So also in Vasiliki. Visit a cosy restaurant or one of the numerous relaxing cafes and bars.


Whether you want to be active, passive, or both in your holiday, in Vasiliki and allover on Lefkas, you can find a lot of possibilities.


Poster green half marathon

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Lefkada Green Half Marathon

The 8. Green Half Marathon (Sunset run) in Lefkada will start for the 8th time on Saturday 9th of June 2018 Lefkas Beach Park. The Half Marathons is called green, as it is surrounded by an environment of high ecological importance protected by NATURA. Winn the draw by registering until....

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Say goodbye to plastic bag!

It's time to say goodbye to plastic bags and go shopping with reusable bags. The free distribution of thin plastic bags (thickness 0-50 mm) from the coffers of the supermarkets and shops is prohibited since ....

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New public ship connections

A new connection between the Ionian Islands will start on May 1. 2018, as the Ilida Paxos Hydrofoil company has announced. For the first time, a ferry line will connect Corfu with Paxi, Lefkada Vasiliki, Ithaki Pisaetos, Kefalonia Sami and Zakynthos.

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Egremni - Bluest Water

The travel and leisure Magazine has top ranked the Egremnos beach in one his list Worlds Best Awards 2017.

"13 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World" is the specific categorie. As they say, it’s hard to find a spot on Lefkada Island that doesn’t have spectacular views of the crystal clear Ionian Sea, but Egremni mad it to the top.