Vasiliki reflects the zest for life. Enjoy the advantage this spoilt sunny spot in the Mediterranean has. You will amaze yourself with the choice of fresh and natural food in the taverns/restaurants. Discover what pure nature is about with its beaches and incredible landscapes. Relax and unwind in the family operated apartments which are scattered around this magnificent location. Vasiliki is one of Greece’s top ranking destinations for water sports.

The language in Vasiliki is Greek or English.

Traveler Favorites


The accommodations are under the control of the Greek Tourist Board (G.N.T.O). Most have been renovated and modernized and now offer high-quality modern facilities.


The Greeks are known for their warm hospitality. So also in Vasiliki. Visit a cosy restaurant or one of the numerous relaxing cafes and bars.


Whether you want to be active, passive, or both in your holiday, in Vasiliki and allover on Lefkas, you can find a lot of possibilities.


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Vasiliki Watersports Festival

Again. This year, in 2018, the Festival returns. Organised by the Vasiliki Sailing Club in association with the local Municipal and Regional authorities, supported by their major sponsor, the Wildwind Sailing Holidays, do they organize a new Festival for 2018, which promises a great mix of on and off the water activities.

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Sea cleanup in Vasiliki harbor

Sunday 17. June 2018 at 09:00 starts the yearly Sea cleanup in Vasiliki harbor. The organizing Nautilus Diving Club invites you to take the chance, to participate in this event.

Shaving foam at the beach

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Go with baking soda or shaving cream to the beach!

The now spotted jellyfish Portuguese galley (Physalia physalis) in Spain, will hardly reach the Ionian Sea. It is used to the low temperatures of the Atlantic, the Ionian Sea is too warm. Nevertheless, it can happen that you make a unpleasant acquaintance with another jellyfish. Here comes the baking soda into play ...

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Flash flooding in Vasiliki

During heavy rains in Vasiliki, the village was flooded with huge amounts of water. It is inconceivable very tragic. The ground floors of the health center, the Vassiliki Bay Hotel, Ocean's restaurant, even the police station were flooded.